Our Team

Juliana D'Elia


I’m a real estate investor and the co-founder of Eco Home Investors. I am a hard-working woman born and raised in Brazil with a degree in veterinary medicine. Since moving to United States of America in 2014, I've dedicated most of my time learning about real estate; going to seminars, courses and masterminds. I believe in surrounding myself with positive, like minded individuals. I am so grateful for having powerful mentors such as Cole Hatter and Jonathan Steingraber. I’m a believer in reciprocity. Not just in giving back to those that have helped us but also those that cannot help themselves. It makes me excited and driven to see my accomplishments making a difference in peoples lives and making the world a better place! 

Daniel D'Elia

 I am a real estate investor, entrepreneur, founder of D’Elia Crane and co-founder of Eco Home Investors. I invest in residential and commercial properties all throughout the US, with my main focus in the Tri-state area, (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania ) where I was born and raised. I am a big believer in investing in my education and surrounding myself with powerful mentors. I am happy to give credit for my success to learning from great mentors that have already paved the way. Mentors like Fortune Builders’ Than Merrill, Cole Hatter, and Jon Steingraber. I don’t believe life is all about money and success but rather how much of an Impact you make. That’s why at Eco Home Investors we give back to the communities we invest in. The greater success we have the greater the impact we can make.